According to the claim of Armenian sources and according to the opinion circulated in the world, Azerbaijan has planned to start a new war and deliver devastating military strikes to Yerevan. Azerbaijan is ready to attack the capital of Armenia with long-range missiles that will cause casualties among the civilian population. This is a very specific calculation of President Ilham Aliyev. Why is Azerbaijan planning to attack Yerevan itself and cause casualties among civilians? Undoubtedly, this is a very dry slander, and everyone in the world knows that Azerbaijan has used the army in two legal cases. One was for the purpose of anti-terror in internal operations, and the other was for the purpose of security on the border with Armenia, which is consistent with the UN charter, and adequate preventive or retaliatory steps. Another argument is an attempt to draw parallels between Aliyev and Putin. Guya Aliyev also adopted Putin’s tactics in the war against Armenia. Aliyev sees that Vladimir Putin destroys peaceful settlements of Ukraine, kills peaceful people and children, but is not punished. Putin’s impunity emboldens Aliyev. Azerbaijan is sure that the attacks on the capital of Armenia and other settlements will not be punished at the international level. Obviously, the similarity between Russia and Azerbaijan and Ukraine’s victim image in the world seems to have been a model for Armenia, and they immediately decided to follow the same path, get the support of the West and the world, and have effective support against the two centers they hate. Strangely enough, the leading role in this process belongs to Amma Akopyan. For several days, he has been speaking against Azerbaijan in Ukraine, and Zelensky is also shaking hands. This is our Ukraine, as they say.

The third argument is hidden in the question of why Aliyev was not subjected to international pressure during the Karabakh war and in the following three years…First of all, Aliyev fought a war on sovereign territory, which considers the territorial integrity of world states as the basis. Secondly, what is the border with Armenia so that the fact that the territory belongs to Yerevan is accepted. Most importantly, there is no peace treaty or recognition between the countries. And supposedly because Aliyev went unpunished, the president of #Russia has gone unpunished to this day and Putin was inspired by Aliyev. Obviously, Putin is the head of a world power, and his global war is not the same as the war for our own land. Second, Russia is a member of the UN Security Council. Whatever project he vetoes, it will not work. Azerbaijan should be based on law. Otherwise, it can easily be subjected to international pressure. Also, Azerbaijan will not hit the civilian population or the capital city. It is another matter that Armenia attacks its capital and slanders Azerbaijan. Finally, the crime of bombing and killing people sleeping in houses at night in Ganja, Barda, Tartar, cities that do not belong to the front line, remains an asset of the Armenian state. Armenia’s current policy of international defamation has reached a special level after the September 2022 war. They formed a bloc with Iran, India, and France. Azerbaijan is trying to keep the Khankendi issue an internal issue, while Armenia is trying to keep it at least at the regional level so that other actors can enter it.

In general, Armenia is trying to maintain the issue of the Armenian presence in Karabakh and its individual rights in the peace treaty to be concluded with Azerbaijan, and the goal here is to use the Armenian card against Azerbaijan in the future. But if the missiles that will be used against Azerbaijan are fired from Yerevan, will Azerbaijan not hit those legal targets in Yerevan? In fact, Armenia that is what he is trying to do, so that in the end he can accuse Azerbaijan of using weapons against the civilian population, that is, of committing a war crime. President Aliyev has already declared that he will not allow the army of Armenia, regardless of where it is, he will destroy the military equipment that poses a threat to Azerbaijan. This is the truth. A potential war with Azerbaijan means a change of power for Pashinyan. Or there is a possibility that Russia will take advantage of this situation. According to Armenia, this scenario of mass deaths can be prevented only in one case. The US and the EU should significantly increase pressure on Azerbaijan to prevent a brutal military attack on Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and return Azerbaijan to a peaceful negotiation process. It is interesting that separatists in Karabakh are currently preparing for elections. Heavy equipment has been being transported from Armenia to the front for three days now, and the rhetoric of war belongs to Armenia and the Khankendi Armenians, as well as their ally Iran, who are also gathering an army in the region. ?Of course, military steps are legalized. And this time, Armenia will get a low price even from the international institutions for which it has prepared very well. Because Azerbaijan considers it a goal to act in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter within the framework of international law.