Has Russia canceled the November 10 ceasefire agreement for Armenia?

Vladimir Putin’s words used by #Russia yesterday regarding Karabakh created the opinion among Armenian political technologists that he is officially renouncing his security obligations to Moscow and is blaming #Armenia.

It turns out that the Russian president also canceled the statement he authored on November 10, 2020, which reflected Russia’s obligations in the region. How and why did this happen?

What position did Putin show for the Armenian juggling in the #Karabakh region for nine months?

And why is Yerevan creating its own lie, “#Azerbaijan is creating a severe humanitarian crisis, and why didn’t Russia blame it?” they puzzle over the answer to his idea.

This position caused the most offense in Yerevan:

“He (the new Putin) accused the Armenian government of being responsible for the crisis. Putin said that Nikol Pashinyan’s recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, including Karabakh as belonging to Azerbaijan, closed the issue of Karabakh’s status and limited Moscow’s options.

There are two expected details of Putin in Yerevan:

  • first of all, he should have told Azerbaijan to return its #Armenian prisoners.
  • Second, he did not explain why Russia supports Azerbaijan’s demand for the “Zangazur Corridor” passing through the territory of Armenia.

In addition, they demand that Putin should have explained why he did not intervene to prevent Azerbaijan from blocking Karabakh.

In order for the peace talks to be successful, the parties need a sincere position. But Armenia seriously violates the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and tramples on the right of sovereignty. And they ask Putin for support for the international law they have violated, for the regional order, which every day the person in question is insulted on the streets of Yerevan, his paintings are insulted, and his eyes are rubbed in pictures.

In general, let’s voice this question and find an answer:

Armenia claims that it has always recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. This was established in the Alma-Ata Declaration on the establishment of #CIS in 1991. “Moreover, Russia itself recognized Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, including Karabakh, in the Alma-Ata Declaration. After November 10, 2020, Putin publicly declared twice that Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s territory according to international law.

The most interesting detail:

On February 22, 2022, Russia signed a declaration of alliance with Azerbaijan and declared that it once again recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. In the first paragraph of the #Putin-#Aliyev alliance declaration, Russia and Azerbaijan recognize each other’s territorial integrity and undertake not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs.

The most interesting issue is at this point: a kind of competition is taking place between Armenia and Russia who will recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan first: “This means that until Armenia does this (October 2022), Russia recognized Karabakh as a part of Azerbaijan. Now how can Russia blame Armenia for recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan? In the new declaration of alliance, Putin undertook to recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, but now he accuses Armenia of doing the same?”

Putin himself considers Karabakh to be an internal issue of Azerbaijan.

But in Armenia, they still don’t understand why he is now accusing Armenia of recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan?

In fact, Putin has an agenda of punishing Armenia, which has betrayed him, and it seems that with yesterday’s speech, Putin is trying to sow seeds of discord between the Armenian population and Pashinyan’s government.

Back to our topic:

According to the 11th paragraph of the #Russia-#Azerbaijan alliance declaration, Russia and Azerbaijan undertake to suppress the activities of organizations and individuals trying to undermine the state sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the other party in their territories.

It is interesting that Russia can easily demarche against Armenia, which threatens the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, only by referring to this clause, and it is at this stage that Aliyev’s genius comes to the fore:

  • Russian-Armenian relations were disrupted.
  • He charged Russia with the responsibility of preventing regional and global threats related to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

In other words, Putin, who accused Armenia of recognizing Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, undertook to prevent activities that harm Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Armenia says, “How can one understand the contradictory actions of the Russian president?”

It is very clear: the declaration of Russia-Azerbaijan alliance is also directed against Armenia: and our common enemy is Armenia.

It is this process that is not understood in Armenia today, the foundation of which was laid in January last year by the Russia-Azerbaijan agreement.

Also, Armenia made its statement regarding the recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity after the #military operations that took place on September 13, 2022.

What position does Azerbaijan declare?

v stated that since Armenia does not recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan also does not recognize the territory of Armenia. The Russian troops stationed in Armenia refused to perform their security duties against Armenia (against Azerbaijan???).

Later, Azerbaijan took steps to force Armenia to recognize its territorial integrity.

And it was at such a moment that both the CSTO and Russia rejected Armenia’s requests for military assistance.

As an ally of Armenia, Russia also cooperates with Azerbaijan.

According to Armenia, due to its aggressive actions, Russia should have supported and opposed Azerbaijan.

Why do they forget in Yerevan that Baku is not only made up of Absheron, the Ankara sky of politics is also very bright and Russia is forced to go through Ankara against Baku.

Yes, and how Aliyev buried the hope of a slight status in the fall of 2022, Armenia cannot recover from his shock.

But how can we answer the two questions?

How will Russia behave if Azerbaijan conducts an anti-terrorist operation in Khankendi?

Or, as predicted by many in Russia, Azerbaijan is predicting that it will start military operations against Armenia, and Russia is evading its responsibility from today?

First of all, if Azerbaijan will conduct an operation in Karabakh, this is the right of internal sovereignty.

Regarding Armenia, the issue of communication and security comes to the fore. It is among the possible possibilities.

But what was Putin’s idea when he said: “I hope there will be no massacre of Armenians in the region (humanitarian tragedy, ethnic cleansing)?”

FILE – Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, left, and Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attend a news conference during their meeting in the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, on Nov. 26, 2021. A senior U.N. official urged the international community Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022, to prevent Armenia and Azerbaijan from resuming their conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region as the two countries accused each other of violating a Russian-brokered peace agreement. (Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File)
In Moscow, they know for sure that Azerbaijan is already preparing to enter Khankendi. This was a hint to him.

Therefore, it is the decision of the Azerbaijani side that overstepped the scope of the Russian peacekeeping mission.

And Putin said, “I hope that the leadership of Azerbaijan, as they always say, is not interested in ethnic cleansing, but on the contrary, they are interested in the smooth progress of this process,” the Russian president said.

If Azerbaijan did not conduct the process “softly”, there would be no stone unturned in the region.

Frankly, Putin’s results in the last three years seem quite successful.

It is interesting that today Putin did not touch the #Armenian-#American military exercises, the visit of Nikol Pashinyan’s wife to Kyiv and the transfer of humanitarian aid, the harsh criticism of the speaker of the Armenian parliament to Russia.

He did not answer why the Armenian correspondent did not fulfill the security obligations of the CSTO to Armenia. Putin said that he was in contact only with Nikol Pashinyan and that there is no chaotic situation in Armenia-Russia relations.


  1. The agreement of November 10 can be considered to have expired:
  2. Armenia does not want a peace treaty, it is looking for a culprit.
  3. Russia-Armenia alliance has turned into Azerbaijan-Russia alliance.
  4. The next time, not the “November 10 agreement”, but a peace agreement that will bring permanent defeat will be signed.
  5. Soon, the Azerbaijani police will enter Khankendi.