Yesterday, on September 12, the office of the operation center of the EU monitoring mission in Armenia was opened in Icevan.

It is interesting that this was the fifth of the 6 centers planned to be opened in Armenia, and they brought it to a very strategic point.

(We can answer the question of why such a coordinate was chosen a little later).

EU Ambassador to Armenia Vasilis Maragos, Head of EU Monitoring Mission Markus Ritter, Governor of Tavush Hayk Galumyan, Deputy Minister of Defense Hrachya Sargsyan, leaders of Noyemberyan and Berd communities, heads of military structures and other officials took part in the opening.

The head of the EU mission in Armenia, Markus Ritter, said in his speech that he wished the opening of this center would bring peace to Tavush and the region. He also noted that the center in Ijevan is very important from a military point of view, it will enable close observation and reporting of their situation. Governor of Tavush Hayk Galumyan specially celebrated the opening of the center and thanked the EU observation mission. The governor expressed hope that the presence of the monitoring mission would bring peace and stability.

Let’s clarify the result of this step with a little analysis:

The fact that Europe has brought a mission to Mushhid and opened a center in Tovuz is a fact of particular interest.

The head of the mission claims that the opening of the offices prevented the expected attacks of Azerbaijan, fixed them and openly stated that this is a PERMANENT office, so they were able to take seriously the role of the Tovuz region in ensuring the security of the region, as well as a preliminary exercise of the 2020 war. had extensive military-geographical knowledge about the battles of Tovuz.

And Ritter cuts the red ribbon of the Center and says that we prevented Azerbaijan from filling the region with an armory. After all, all the facts allow us to conclude that the first shot was fired by the Armenian side in all cases in the region, and even the Azerbaijani general Polad Hashimov was martyred only in the battle there.

And Ritter says that we simultaneously put pressure on Azerbaijan and gave signals.

It seems that what Ritter said was Macron’s call to Aliyev. Now it is understood that Macron once again called Aliyev and tried to threaten sanctions or adequate responses in the military sense and in other areas. Those who know know, for those who don’t, let me mention that personally, the place where Macron’s reputation has been broken the most is Azerbaijan, and he has always rubbed his nose in the relationship with Aliyev. But it seems that he did not pass on his ideas to the representatives of other agencies.

The main issue: In the last 30 years, the EU has not opened an office in Gornaboy, Tovzu, or Barda.

In general, what is the disease of opening an office? Do they open an office in Ukraine and control Russia?

Why did the EU suddenly feel the need to open a permanent observation mission center on the border with Armenia.

So far, how many of the provocations committed by Armenia have been archived and disclosed in the report by the other four centers while keeping the border under control?

There are no answers to the questions, because it is clear that their mission is to collect dossiers against Azerbaijan and systematize them, and finally transform them into legal acts. Finally, in the case of documents and reports of various so-called organizations, turning them into bait for the UN Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights or other various tribunals, achieving a decision in the OSCE, and as the final goal, obtaining a UN resolution…

Secondly, why should the purpose of the Permanent OFFICE be to stay in the Caucasus permanently?

A hundred years ago, and today, the Caucasus was an important point, but now it is a fragmented military-strategic point, and the actions of the EU, by moving the tense atmosphere in the world to our geography, act to cause conflict and further clashes, not peace, in the Caucasus. This is not a formula that will lead the South Caucasus to peace, but a step that will drag the entire Caucasus, including the North Caucasus, into war.