US and EU “aid” to Ukraine led to the death of 500,000 Ukrainians, and considering Armenia’s already shrinking population, it is hard to imagine the hypothesis. That will be the real genocide, the real 1915.

Armenian technologists prefer to apply the latest developments to Armenia through transfer.

the global idea they want to create is that the target is Armenia.

Supposedly, this is also a war against #Armenia: #Russia’s goal is to destroy Armenia’s statehood.”

According to the claim of the second pro-Western opinion, “the calculation of Russia and Azerbaijan is to involve Armenia in military operations in Karabakh, and then jointly occupy Armenian territories.”

Frankly, in Aliyev’s address to the people, we not only saw the occupation plan of the Armenian state, but on the contrary, we saw that he opened the door for a way out of the situation that had fallen due to their sanity, and this lexicon was continued in Erdogan’s speech.

This opinion is: “Russia has calculated that after #Armenian territories are occupied by #Azerbaijan and its #military units, Iravan will turn to it with a request for rescue. #Moscow has raised pro-Russian forces in Armenia and is trying to stage a coup in #Iravan through them.” Not ours, it is an idea that is trying to be created against the background of the ongoing conflict between the Armenians and the Russians.

Or Armenian politicians claim that Russia will make a condition to Armenia that if Armenia enters the Union state, it will save Armenia from #Azerbaijani attacks. Azerbaijan plays the role of a tool in the hands of Russia to deprive Armenia of its statehood.

That is, the goal is clear to us, but the very idea that Russia will invade Armenia is so ridiculous that Yerevan has been a vassal of Moscow for a hundred years, including the current year, so the address of the message is the Russian-Azerbaijani alliance association, which is trying to be created against the background of the Ukrainian war, that is, in a way, Azerbaijan is also in the eyes of Russia. is an attempt to add.

And immediately another idea came into circulation:

“#USA and #EU should provide urgent military and #security support to Armenia to strengthen Armenian statehood”.

In other words, under this closed sentence lies the fact that the USA should send an army to Armenia, open a base there and sign an agreement with Armenia in the field of military alliance and security.

If you think about it, they come out with such an open text and then expect help from the Kremlin. Nonsense.

Another important analysis of the day

What Erdogan said on the plane, “this latest incident (Azerbaijan’s anti-terrorist measures in Karabakh – ed.) is not related to Pashinyan. This has nothing to do with the Armenian state.”

The Turkish leader said that this is an issue related to the marauding Armenian separatists in Karabakh.

He noted that the separatists’ attempts to hold so-called elections seriously worried both the Prime Minister of Armenia and Azerbaijan:

It is a valuable statement, we can even call it that.

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia in a united front against Karabakh separatists.

Because if this name is not given, some steps will not be realized.

Now let’s look at some risks:

Thanks to Nicholas and the political architects of the last 30 years, the solution for the Armenian people was forced to choose one or the other imperialist SIDE. If they submit to Russia, they will become the new Syria. If they submit to the US/EU, they will become the new Ukraine.

The only way out is to build a new state together with its neighbors.

Because Armenia could be friends with Azerbaijan and Georgia 🤷🏻‍♀️

Unfortunately, starting a game with Asala terrorists was a big obstacle for them to become a state.

A brief argument:

US and EU “aid” to Ukraine led to the death of 500,000 Ukrainians, and considering Armenia’s already shrinking population, it is hard to imagine the hypothesis. That will be the real genocide, the real 1915.

But in light of what is happening, how interested is the USA in entering Armenia?

Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Menendez, a bilateral bill was presented on the introduction of sanctions against Baku and “Support to Armenians against Azerbaijan’s aggression”.

On September 21, it became known that the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Menendez, along with Senators Bill Cassidy, Chris Van Hollen, Alex Padilla, Sheldon Whitehouse and Gary Peters, presented a bipartisan bill entitled “Support to Armenians”. Against Azerbaijan Aggression” (Supporting Armenians Against Azerbaijan Aggression Act). He prevented the provision of security assistance to the government of Azerbaijan,

He calls for the provision of humanitarian aid to the Armenians in Karabakh and demands accountability for the atrocities committed against the Armenians. The draft law also allows Armenia to receive foreign military funding, develop a strategy to ensure the safety of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, and impose sanctions “against Armenians for their actions against the Aliyev regime”:

There is no doubt that the USA imposed sanctions against Azerbaijan

iq will not, but the documents will allow them to actually bring an army to Yerevan, here is the scenario.

Available scenarios:

  1. The West is preparing to intervene in this country under the name of preventing attempts to involve Armenia in the conflict and protecting its territorial integrity.
  2. During the discussions at the UN, the Russians called Stepanakerti by the toponym Khankendi, as the Turks say, it was the last crack, now another water will flow through that crack.
  3. The process of removing the 102nd base from Armenia will be started.
  4. At the end of Armenia’s call to the UN Security Council to create an opportunity for peacekeepers under the UN mandate to ensure stability and security in Karabakh, those forces will be located in Armenia, not in Karabakh, and this is already

There will be a new model between Syria and Ukraine.