Hamas’ attack on Israel not only changed the situation between the two conflicting fronts, but also set new precedents for the parties involved.

For example,

The militants of the Palestinian “Hamas” movement showed the whole world that even the mighty Israel can be wounded.

Undoubtedly, the experience of Israel, which is considered one of the best countries in the world due to its military, technical and intelligence qualities, is a lesson for everyone, and we can say that it changed the concept of war in the world.

With a total of 200-300 militants, they captured several border military bases and more than two dozen settlements, according to an Israeli police report. In terms of military power, Israel is in 18th place in the ranking of 145 countries (Global Firepower) in 2023. There is no Palestinian state at all.

Of course, rather than intending to occupy southern and central Israeli settlements, the Palestinian militants simply decided to “celebrate” the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Doomsday War, in which the Egyptian and Syrian coalition forces were defeated, in an original way.

First, they dispelled the myth that Israel’s defense system was invulnerable. Second, they dispelled the myth that Israel’s national intelligence (Mossad) was omniscient. It was also surprising that the Israelis could not completely liberate the territory of the country within two days, taking out 31 battalions of the Tsakhal (Israeli army) (10-15 thousand soldiers) against 200-300 Palestinian militants.

The Arab militants returned to the Gaza Strip after capturing several hundred people from the civilian population. After that, it will be used for “barter” trade with Israel. All that remains for Israel is to bomb one of the settlements of the same name in the city to destroy the deployment centers of “Hamas”.

Agile, after the Syrian war, which was carried out with PikUps some time ago, the attacking forces have already started using more mobile and agile motorcycles.

The attack, which was carried out very quickly and with lightning speed, gave an effective result immediately.

The success of this diversion against a fully secured state has aroused considerable interest and regret in Armenia.

Thus, Hraparak states that although Azerbaijan ranks 57th and Armenia ranks 94th in terms of military power, in fact Armenia deserves 149th place.

Because as a result of both the 44-day and one-day war, the Armenian army was shamefully defeated.

But if the commander of the group called the army resigned, now Armenia would be a Palestine.

In general, since the beginning of the conflict, Armenia has been providing (so-called) great informational support to Hamas, while Azerbaijan loves Israel more. Since yesterday, messages of thanks to Azerbaijan have even been broadcast in the Israeli media.

Let’s return to our topic: yes, they claim from Armenia that if we had thought of it, we would have used this tactic against Azerbaijan, but this does not mean that it is too late to apply it.

The mission of protecting the dignity of the Armenian people and restoring their borders forces them to consider this tactical point of view.

It is interesting, where and how Armenia plans to carry out this action, against whom and with whom?

Another interesting issue:

Tigran Balayan, ambassador of ER to the EU, said in an interview with Brussels Signal that Azerbaijan will attack Armenia in the near future, therefore the European Union should adopt urgent sanctions against Azerbaijan.

It is useful to remind this diplomat that yesterday the president of Azerbaijan was in Tbilisi and made historic statements from there: he called Armenia for peace, invited him not to miss the historical opportunity and stated that a unique opportunity has arisen for the development of the region.

How is it that Armenians understand Mr. President’s speeches on peace with an iron fist. It means that for Iravan, the essence refers to the disease of seeing all colors as black.

Finally, in Armenia, they believe that Azerbaijan was left without an ally because of Israel’s interference, and this is a happy event. But another group believes that what is happening in Israel is about to become a serious headache for Iran, and Azerbaijan will make the most of Tehran’s meddling in the Middle East.

If the target is the Zangezur Corridor, this could be an ideal chance for Azerbaijan.

Frankly, they are not wrong.