Today will go down as the date of the start of Armenia’s new military provocation against Azerbaijan.

The Armenian-French agreement, which is currently expected to be signed in France, will give artificial breath to Yerevan, which is close to signing a peace agreement, equip it with high-caliber weapons, and create a new reason for war, which will have several consequences:

  1. France and the USA think that by adding a third link to the context of the current Ukraine, Middle East wars, Russia and Iran, as well as Turkey, will create an additional conflict zone along the border and aim to reset the reaction capacity of the countries in question.
  2. In parallel, Azerbaijan and Turkey respond to this with a joint military exercise in the name of “Atatürk”, in which F16s also participate.
  3. Russia has already seized the French weapons that entered Armenia and is giving a signal that it will use them in Yerevan.
  4. The Iranian round of 3_+3 started immediately in the region at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. Iran does not like Armenia’s closeness with the West and has a serious objection to the political line being taken by Yerevan.
  6. Armenia is conducting its current foreign policy along the western line – for example, according to the logic that Biden said yesterday: 🔵 “I think that if we are brave and confident enough to unite the world in a way that has never been seen before, we have the opportunity to do it. We need a new world order.”
  7. Armenia sees itself in a new western-centered world order in which we are not, creating the thought.
  8. After ensuring territorial integrity, Azerbaijan should consider two details: 1. Impact of global conditions on our national interests. 2. Threats created by changing dynamics in regional relations.
  9. The president denied our version of opening the Zangezur corridor with military intervention, but it seems that Russia will open it.
  10. What does the new blockade of Russia, Turkey, Iran, China, and Hungary promise for us? question is on the agenda and our steps will determine our future and the fate of Armenia.