Regarding the weapons placed by Azerbaijan in Yevlah, Iranian media reported that the Israeli drones were transported to a base 125 km from the Iranian border.

They now see it as a matter of military security for Iran. After doing a small measurement on liveumap, we can see that the distance between Yevlah and Khankendi is 97 km and Basarkechar is 107 km. So it’s obvious who these drones took positions for.

Let’s move on to the second part of our subject…What is on Iran’s border with Azerbaijan?” Along the border with Azerbaijan (in the image the armies number 2,22 and 32) are located military aviation, tactical strike bases, radar installations, maritime forces, naval aviation, etc.

Finally, from Ankhali to Astara 120 km (instead of 125 km), from Tabriz to Jabrail 90 km, from Urmia to Nakhitchevan 158 km.