The fortifications in Karabakh show that there was an attempt to create a large and professional army designed for resistance. The origins of the essentially terrorist forces are from the first war. It is part of the war.


When Azerbaijan announced the figure of 10,000 Armenian soldiers, I was very surprised: the design of the trenches was the same as the place where PKK terrorists were hiding in Afrin, Syria. The French company dug a trench here with excavators and tractors.

After the war, they refuted the thesis that “it takes 15-20 years to build the Armenian army”, which we also defended, and probably, taking into account the influence of Azerbaijan on them, they did little to strengthen this opinion in the Azerbaijani public opinion.

As a result, thanks to France and America, in a short time, they came close to getting the most modern weapons and a trained army in Karabakh.

Within three years, the Armenian forces, who benefited the most from the opening of the Lachin road, used the forces behind them and invaded the region.

Therefore, the conclusion that it was not realistic for a hungry Armenia to build an army with all the equipment comes to the fore. And the answer to one more question is already clear: what was the purpose of the US exercises?

Entering the region under the pretext of training.

You know, according to political theory, several elements are needed to create a state; one is the army.

The purpose of the 10,000 people detained by Armenia in Karabakh was to create facts in the game of statehood, and then to build an international mechanism for its protection.

Who knows:

The game of independence is over, it is again a fundamental preparation for the so-called regime’s request for de facto unification with Armenia:

Or by what right was Armenia in the region:

  • his army

– weapons

  • election “institute”.

Now it became known that Mr. Aliyev was on the process and it was revealed why he did not go to the UN.

Why was Nikol Pashinyan not there?

Because Nikol Pashinyan was an element of this scenario and is considered the main figure in the middle of the process.

Its goal is to immediately and suddenly start a war and close the Karabakh zone to Armenia.

One more fact: the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan showed the most correct approach by naming the bandit society in the region as the armed forces of Armenia. And it revealed who actually executed the process.

And the statement of one more country – Iran exposed the planned process in the territory of Azerbaijan;

Iran: We are not opposed to the special status of the “Karabakh Republic”…

How is the private status?

In general, what kind of status insinuation can we talk about?

Yes, the mullahs expressed their wish.

And finally, once again about the American generals…

One autumn day, 6 generals who had disembarked from an American airline drove their car to Zelensky’s office at the Kyiv airport and gave him the outlines of a potential war with Russia.

Then it is known…

In my yesterday’s posts, it was wrong to call Armenia neighboring Syria. They dreamed of making Ukraine out of Armenia in their world.

So, the toy army with American generals as advisers was preparing for the operation and counting the days:

Aliyev delivered the blow with precision and decided to bury the global strategic plan in Karabakh once and for all.