1. What happened after the bilateral meeting in Kazakhstan was expected, but it was not understood, because the moment of testing for Yerevan, which is always in a destructive position in the processes, continued in negative colors for three years.

But the Kazakh meeting created important conclusions for the experience that three secular centers can be replaced by one local center.

  1. Ilham Aliyev’s “If we want, Zangezur road etc. in one day” His statement was read very quickly and warmly in Armenia from a real political point of view, because in the balance of 3 years, Armenia had about 5 defeated acts in its assets.
  2. Azerbaijan nominalized Armenia’s actual allies for three years and left it alone on the field.
  3. Even though French weapons were given, the possibility that it could be the cause of war because their strength and technical capabilities were not satisfactory made everyone chill in Yerevan in the winter, Aliyev made his secret message about those weapons clear.
  4. Russia “settled” Ukraine’s counter-attacks and seized the advantage, even if only partially, it is becoming clear that Moscow, which accepted the gift of the Middle East “khonchada”, will definitely turn its face from Kiev to the Caucasus – namely to Yerevan, to its popular account with Pashinyan.

So, who will support Yerevan in the local sense?

Turkey and Azerbaijan, Pashinyan realized this sooner.

  1. Iran also deceived him by saying “Zangazur is our red line” and put the “oily piece” in its territory, putting its small ally in a situation where it was out of place. It looks even more terrible in Yerevan now.
  2. Azerbaijan will hold an election in Karabakh, as well as the first election of the period of independence, this election will be the last nail in the coffin of certain forces in Armenia, and it will be the beginning of a new relationship for both sides.
  3. Azerbaijan is now in Karabakh, and as the president said yesterday, they aim to be in Western Azerbaijan tomorrow.

In any case, Azerbaijan will return there, Armenia thinks or should, that it would be better if they return with money in their pockets than with weapons in their hands.