Those who say that unprecedented events are happening in the world probably mean this:

USA presents an ultimatum to Azerbaijan to quickly start negotiations with Armenia.

That is, not a special offer, but a direct harsh ultimatum.

As for Yerevan, which is accustomed to dancing on someone else’s square, Baku suggests that they conclude an agreement through bilateral discussions.

Even the presidential assistant Hikmet Hajiyev said that the road is exactly in the “square” of Armenia.

Armenia, on the other hand, said the Western format and insisted that some Michel or James must sit in one corner of the negotiation table.

Finally, yesterday it became known that the United States of America took action against Azerbaijan. James O’Brien, assistant to the US secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, stated that the relations between the US and Azerbaijan will not be normalized until progress is made in the peace talks with Armenia.


On November 15, hearings on “The Future of Karabakh” were held in the International Relations Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

The hearing was organized by the member of the Committee, the chairman of the Subcommittee on European Affairs, the Republican Congressman Thomas Kean.

It is clear that the customer of any issue brought to the House of Representatives is immediately Armenia and the Armenian lobby.

Already on November 1, Lilit Makunts, the ambassador of Armenia to the United States, met with Thomas Keen and discussed with him the mass migration of Armenians from Karabakh (the Armenian ambassador called this result “ethnic cleansing”) and the problems that arose. It is interesting that the name of this meeting was presented to the public as prospects for achieving peace.

The US and the EU want Armenia to get closer to its transatlantic allies and are developing a scheme to ensure this.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has openly declared that she Yerevan. Europe intends to hold a meeting between us and Armenia for rapprochement.

On the same day, the UN of Turkmen adopted a law extending the stay of Turkish troops in Azerbaijan for another year.

From Tbilisi, visible from Ankara, Garibashvili said in his meeting with the European Kauma that Tbilisi is interested in playing the role of a peace platform and without giving an explanation for the fact that they gave way for the weapons sent to Yerevan three or four days ago…

Back to our topic:

The US has suspended military and other aid to Azerbaijan and canceled several high-level visits. As a result, the US signals to Baku that bilateral relations will not normalize until progress is made in the negotiations with Armenia.

The American administration believes that reaching a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan now depends on Baku. James O’Brien says it seems he (Nikol Pashinyan) is willing to take risks for the sake of peace. The question is whether the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, is ready to do this. After the events of September, we made it clear that there will be no normal relations with Azerbaijan until we see progress towards a peaceful solution on the 19th, – noted a senior American diplomat.

Nobody is trying to clarify the position of Baku, which is accused in the well-known signals of the USA, because it is not worth it.

However, all Western diplomats make absurd accusations about Azerbaijan, such as “ethnic cleansing” and the fate of the “DKR”.

The West, which is trying to dress Azerbaijan as an invader, not only aims to delegitimize the official Baku, but also makes a small Ukraine out of Yerevan, which it has armed, and tries to put two countries in the window in front of it – Azerbaijan and Russia.

Obrien also stated that the United States has repeatedly confirmed that the use of force against Armenia is unacceptable.

According to the diplomat, Azerbaijan told the United States that it has no such intention. “The government in Baku assured us that they have no such intention. We are keeping a close eye on troop movements and any signs that they may have other plans.

The reality is that the West, which is trying to trap Azerbaijan in Zangezur, is not satisfied with Hikmet Hajiyev’s statement. Azerbaijan wasted this plan and revealed that the Zangezur corridor has already lost its importance and pushed the problem to the Armenia-Russia circle.

Yesterday, US Ambassador to Armenia Christina Kwien visited the Tavush part of the #Armenia-Azerbaijani border and observed the territory of Azerbaijan accompanied by #European Union observers.

Although this is a symbolic gesture, the US sends a strong message to Azerbaijan in a military sense. It is clear that Azerbaijan, which boycotts the West’s negotiation format, is threatened with sanctions by the US and #EU.

US State Department Press Secretary Matthew Miller said during the briefing that the Armenian population forcibly displaced from #Karabakh has the right to return to their homeland and this right must be protected.

This means that Washington expects Azerbaijan from the Karabakh issue

and does not consider it closed.

How can it be that both question the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and demand from Azerbaijan the implementation of a suitable position. Or Azerbaijan can fully agree to a peace treaty in Washington. By requiring these two conditions:

All parties (Armenia and the West) should stop accusations, do not try to retaliate, return 8 villages, open Zangezur and take compensation and obligations for the damage caused.
Is this possible? No, the USA is not asking for new Syrias and Ukraines from the three Caucasian countries against Russia.

After the military operation in Karabakh on September 19, Azerbaijan boycotted the high-level Armenian-Azerbaijani talks planned in #Granada and #Brussels, which were mediated by the West. Azerbaijan’s calculation was that boycotting Western formats strengthens its ability to choose the most optimal options for it.

Otherwise, the West would be so upset by the failure that it would not think of arming Armenia and threatening Azerbaijan with sanctions.

The Armenian side claims that Baku is against the involvement of the United States and the European Union in the negotiations. The president of Azerbaijan has already said that he is ready to meet in #Moscow or #Tbilisi, but it is clear that Armenia will not participate in meetings in this format.

But the essence of the issue for us is not as stated, we just wanted our legal rights to be recognized and not to be accused.

Specifically, the United States and France are ready to support the reforms of the Armenian Armed Forces. #France already supplies Armenia with weapons and military equipment. The European Union intends to provide military assistance to Armenia.

Now we repeat once again: why should Azerbaijan be represented on a platform against it?

This is a signal to Azerbaijan that if negotiations in the format of Brussels or Washington are not resumed, the West will worsen relations with Baku. Are the United States and the European Union really capable of imposing sanctions against Azerbaijan?

Short retort: Canada sold military equipment related to drones to Russia.

USA presents an ultimatum to #Azerbaijan to quickly start negotiations with #Armenia. Meanwhile, #Baku proposes to #Iravan that they sign an agreement through bilateral discussions.

Pashinyan, who wants his country to be dragged into misfortune in the big game, is close to replacing luck with a militaristic fiasco this time – as they say, there was only one French-style weapon missing at 8 Noyabr Prospekt 6.

Unfortunately, the future of the region depends on the decision of Armenia.

James O’Brien, assistant to the US secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, stated that the relations between the US and Azerbaijan will not be normalized until progress is made in the peace talks with Armenia.


  1. Armenia is looking for partner countries to provide itself with weapons – that is, a new arms race is starting, and this means a new war. At the same time, this means that we have a new military power.

US suspends military aid to Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan does not have a problem with weapons, especially when Turkey has weapons.
James O’Brien, the US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, said that the US has clearly told Baku that relations with Azerbaijan will not be normal until there is progress on the path of peace with Armenia – we can say that it is now time for the US to take decisive action against Azerbaijan. difficult – especially on the eve of EU and US elections and war with Russia.
Washington also canceled high-level visits to Baku – the US is very strong in Azerbaijan, and at least they have billions of investments here. Dollar companion is always on VIP trips.
Russia welcomes Azerbaijan’s statements about ensuring the rights of Armenians who want to return to Karabakh – Russia’s thesis against the accusation of ethnic cleansing by the US and the EU deals a fatal blow to the Western threats to be made within the framework of the UN.
State Department: The US and the EU want Armenia closer to its transatlantic allies and are working on a scheme to ensure it – This is more precisely Moscow’s area of concern, which should not concern us too much.
Hikmat Hajiyev met with EU diplomats in Brussels – no matter how much hostile rhetoric is pumped, not everything is as it says. The investment environment between Azerbaijan and the EU is fertile, and if they turn off the faucet in Baku, European parliamentarians who warm their pockets with Armenian donations will freeze in their apartments, if winter is still ahead.
Charles Michel’s diplomatic advisor Simon Mordue said that Azerbaijan is an important partner for the EU. – One of the smartest diplomats, his only negative is that he is French (political identity).
The United States believes that the next few weeks will be decisive for the conclusion of a peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. If the USA accuses Azerbaijan with such statements

If he is trying to make peace, it is clear, if he wants real peace, he should tell Yerevan to immediately hand over 8 villages.
The Armenian leadership has begun the process of slowly withdrawing from the CSTO. The scoreboards are already opening, and it would be good if the EU and the US show how they will stand up to Russia in this process. If it’s going to be like in Urayna, nothing. But they should take into account that Moscow is still hiding its teeth.
India sends 150,000 grenade shells to Armenia. – It can be said that they can arm their small, defeated allies, but the interpretation of Azerbaijan’s increase in military budget as “they will occupy the territory of Armenia” is a separate nonsense.
Aziz Alibeyli – head of department of STM.